Ground Equipment Engineering

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RG Systems is experienced in the design, specification, installation, and support of the entire ground hardware processing chain. 

  • Ground Equipment Specification and Selection - NASA and NOAA Standards
        - Ground System Design and Specification
        - Specialized Data Processing Requirements Specification
        - Ground Equipment Integration an Installation
        - Virtual Machine and Blade Configuration, Integration, and Installation
  • Antenna and Waveguide Specification, Design and Installation
  • Hardware Engineering 
        - Maintain Legacy ground system and components
        - Maintain high fidelity spacecraft simulators
        - Systems Modernization and Virtualization
  • Ground Processing Equipment Specification, Integration, and Installation
  • Ground System Floor and Rack Planning and Installation
        - Environmental Analysis
        - Safety Policies (OSHA, NASA, an NOAA)
        - Power, Thermal, and Cooling Analysis
  • Training